Turkey Earthquake: Echoes of ‘Harp Technology’


It was the morning of February 6, 2023, when an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and neighboring Syria amid snow and cold. According to the American Geological Society and the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the south-central part of the region. Ten cities of Turkey have been badly affected by this earthquake.

More than 1700 buildings have been completely destroyed by this severe earthquake. The aftershock was followed 9 hours later by another magnitude 7.5 aftershock, which caused further damage and caused partially damaged buildings to collapse like wax. Additionally, minor aftershocks continue. According to the World Health Organization, it is one of the worst earthquakes in history, killing and injuring thousands of people while leaving millions homeless.

After the earthquake, a conspiracy theory has once again been heard, blaming the possibility of deliberate misuse of the Advanced Advanced Harp (HAARP) technology acquired and deployed by the United States. Is. HARP refers to the Hyperactive Acoustic Research Program, which was initiated in the US state of Alaska in 1993 with funding from the US Air Force, Navy and related agencies. It was launched for better communication, navigation and security purposes, besides tracking enemy movement. This program was completed in 2014. In 2015, it was transferred to the University of Alaska.

HARP technology’s electromagnetic waves can be focused on the ionosphere of any country in the world to bring about local weather and climate changes. In addition, these waves can be reflected back from the atmosphere, i.e. the ionosphere, into the deep tectonic plates of the Earth, causing them to vibrate and thus cause large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis in the oceans, such as in Turkey. There are speculations about the current severe earthquake. It is a fact that Harp technology could potentially disrupt the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field increases the activity of ions, especially in the outer ionosphere, and can even cause holes in it. Therefore, it can be more deadly than the simultaneous dangerous situation like ozone depletion. It can result in massive tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, droughts and extreme weather conditions etc. In addition, its electromagnetic waves affect the brains of military personnel deployed in any area, causing mental confusion, confusion and stress and rendering them unable to make timely, accurate and appropriate decisions.

Another negative effect is on the biosensors of birds and animals that specifically direct, and affect their movements and their survival. Speculation is growing that the rare earthquake in Turkey is a deliberate man-made or technological disaster and terrorism rather than a natural disaster, as many scientists are expressing deep concern.

Turkey Earthquake: Echoes of 'Harp Technology'

Especially in Turkey, many people have seen a clear glimpse of lightning in the sky before the earthquake, some videos of which have gone viral. The timing of the earthquake and the geopolitical situation of the country and region also raises doubts, as some Dutch think tanks have been predicting these major events in the region since February 3, 2023, and according to them, the next phase. China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal can also be affected by these earthquakes and this is a worrying issue. Therefore, they are warned to be prepared in every way. The fact that the mentioned earthquake affected other countries in the region, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, cannot be ignored. Many neighboring countries are affected.

A technical point is also worth noting that the aftershocks of earthquakes occur only in the fault zones in which the first earthquake occurs but surprisingly all the aftershocks are transmitted to the new fault zones in the region which is not possible on technical grounds. And make this earthquake controversial. Over the past two decades, all natural disasters worldwide have increased in intensity, duration, and frequency, and are occurring not naturally but through the control or modification of weather and climate. For example, the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the earthquake and tsunami in Chile in 2010, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, the large-scale tsunami in the Philippines in 2006, the floods in Pakistan in 2010 and 2023 have also become suspicious and controversial. .

The fact is that Harp technology is an excellent tool to control and change the weather, climate of any region of the world, through which the political, social, economic and geographical dimension of the countries can be controlled. So it could be a more powerful weapon of mass destruction (WMD). It is more deadly than fifth generation and cyber warfare and this incident should be thoroughly investigated by impartial investigative agencies and if proven so. So it should be condemned at every level and should be prevented in future. The world is becoming more and more insecure from the terror of this technology while this power resides in only one hand. Before it is too late, it is necessary to promote the golden principles of cooperation and coexistence for sustainable peace and human development with equity and equality.


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