The US shot down another object near the Canadian border


The US has claimed to have shot down another object flying in the air near the Canadian border.

According to the news agency, US officials say that the US military shot down another object flying over Lake Huron in view of the current air threats.

According to foreign media, apparently this object was not a threat to US forces, but it could pose a threat to civil aviation, so US President Joe Biden ordered fighter jets to shoot down this object as a precaution.

Alyssa Slatkin, a member of the social networking site Twitter, said in her tweet that the pilots of the US Air Force and National Guard shot down an object flying in the air, they are interested in knowing what it was. And what was its purpose?

On the other hand, Canadian investigative agencies are busy searching for the debris of the object that was shot down in the Yukon skies yesterday.

It should be noted that America has shot down an unidentified object for the fourth time in a week.

A few days ago, the United States shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon in its airspace, after which the diplomatic tension between the United States and China has increased.


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