Sajjad Ali called the woman claiming to be his sister a liar


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Renowned singer Sajjad Ali called the woman claiming to be his sister a liar.

In his video message, Sajjad Ali said that some time ago people arranged a fake marriage for me, due to which my wife and children got angry with me and said why I did not invite them to my wedding.

Sajjad Ali said that some time ago a gentleman built a house for me inside Lahore and an attempt was made to make it known that I have now shifted to defense.

He said that people tried to make a woman my sister and made the thumbnails so weird that they put my childhood photo with a girl even though that girl in this childhood photo is my wife, some people are funny about it. Also making comments.

The singer added that now they have tried to make a poor woman my sister, I can take legal action against her if I want, but she is a poor woman, so I am not taking any action.

He said that such videos are either made to become famous or to defame someone. I wonder why people do things like this, if someone needed help, I would have asked for it.

It should be noted that a few days ago, a beggar woman named Bushra Akhtar claimed that she is a descendant of classical musician Ghulam Ali Khan and is related to the sister of famous singer Sajjad Ali, but due to financial constraints, she stopped begging. is forced to


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