Renowned director, actor, TV host Zia Mohiuddin passed away


World renowned director, voice actor, actor and host Zia Mohiuddin passed away at the age of 91 in Karachi.

Zia Mohiuddin was under treatment in a private hospital in Karachi due to his health condition.

Recently, Zia Muhyiddin was admitted to the hospital due to fever and severe stomach pain, where after an ultrasound, it was found that there was a defect in his intestine, on which an operation was performed on his intestine.

After the operation, Zia Mohiuddin was shifted to the intensive care ward of the hospital where he died during treatment.

Zia Mohiuddin was born on June 20, 1931 in Faisalabad.

Zia Mohiuddin’s father had the honor of being the writer and dialogue writer of Pakistan’s first film ‘Teri Yaad’.

Zia Mohiuddin received formal training in acting from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in the 50s.

In 1962, he played a memorable role in the famous film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

Zia Muhyiddin began his career as a voice actor with Radio Australia, worked for a long time in British theatre, and appeared in British cinema and Hollywood.

He was the first South Asian actor to grace Broadway, in the 70s he started a unique program called Zia Mohiuddin Show on PTV.

Zia Mohiuddin was appointed as the director of PIA Arts Academy in 1973. After the martial law of General Zia-ul-Haq, he returned to Britain. In the 90s, he decided to return to Pakistan permanently.

Zia Mohiuddin also wrote columns in the English newspaper ‘The News’, his book “A carrot is a carrot” is a complete literary masterpiece.

In recognition of his services, Zia Mohiuddin was awarded Star of Distinction in 2003 and Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2012 by the government.

In 2004, Zia Muhyiddin founded the National Academy of Performing Art in Karachi and remained the head of this institution until the last moments of his life.

The funeral prayer of late Zia Mohiuddin will be offered at Imambargah Yathrab in Defense Phase 4 today after Zuhr prayer.


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