Portugal: Priests sexually abused 5,000 children


A church in Lisbon, file photo

Since 1950, almost 5,000 children have been sexually abused by Christian priests in Portugal.

Last year, after hearing complaints from 500 victims, an inquiry commission issued a detailed report.

The head of the commission, Pedro Strecht, while addressing the press conference in Lisbon, said that 4 thousand 815 victims have been revealed from the statements of the witnesses.

Father Manuel Barbosa said that in March, all the bishops of the country will come together and draw conclusions from the report.

Pope Francis announced his excommunication from the Catholic Church in 2019 after shocking cases of sexual abuse in churches in several countries came to light.

Investigations were launched in Portugal, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Pope Francis will meet some of the Portuguese victims of sexual abuse by priests during his visit to Lisbon in August.

In all but 25 cases the time limit for indictment has expired, 25 cases have been transferred to the Prosecution Service.


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