K Electric prepares investment plan till 2030 for transmission and distribution sector


K Electric, the electricity distribution company in Karachi, has created an investment plan for the transmission and distribution sector from fiscal year 2024 to 2030.

This investment project will improve the system for continuous supply of electricity using modern technology for the development of Karachi.

The new plan includes targeted and innovative technology investments in the system to meet the expected increase in electricity demand, loss reduction measures and safety.

In this project, 484 billion rupees will be invested in transmission and distribution of electricity.

In formulating the project, K Electric has taken into consideration the availability of additional, affordable, safe and reliable power from external sources including the National Grid, as well as stable power supply in the city in all types of environments and weather conditions.

After privatisation, KElectric has halved its T&D losses, doubled the number of customers and the power supply.

All this was possible due to continuous investment of Rs 474 in the power supply value chain.


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