Extension of pre-arrest bail of Musa Elahi


Chaudhry Musa Elahi—File photo

Gujranwala’s anti-terrorism court extended the pre-arrest bail of Chaudhry Musa Elahi, son of Pakistan Muslim League-Q leader Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain, till February 23.

During the hearing, the investigating officer told the anti-terrorism court of Gujranwala that Musa Elahi did not join the investigation despite being granted bail before his arrest.

The investigating officer pleaded with the court that Musa Elahi needs to be interrogated, so the bail application should be dismissed.

In court, Musa Elahi’s lawyer said that the case was made on a political basis, the police did not involve Musa Elahi himself in the investigation.

The court extended Musa Elahi’s pre-arrest bail till February 23 and ordered that Musa Elahi join the investigation at Kakrali police station tomorrow at 4 pm.

It should be noted that a case was registered against Musa Elahi on the complaint of the police on January 16 after a dispute in Civil Hospital Kotla Arb Ali Khan Hospital.

Cases have been registered against Musa Elahi in Kakrali and Kadianwala police stations of Gujarat.

The court summoned Musa Elahi again today for pre-arrest bail.

Speaking to the media outside the court, Musa Elahi’s lawyer said that the terrorism section is still in place in the investigation against Musa Elahi.

He said that one case after another was registered, that’s why Musa Elahi could not join the investigation, he told the court that the case was made on political basis.


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