Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Mass graves of 5,000 people were created


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The 5,000 people who died in last week’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria have been buried in a mass grave, and more graves are being dug.

According to foreign news agencies, the death toll from last week’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 34,000, while several thousand have been injured and displaced.

According to the news agency, the anonymous bodies of at least 5,000 people who died in the city of Marash in Turkey have been buried collectively.

According to sources, a large part of the forest has been cleared to dig mass graves to bury the dead bodies recovered under the rubble of the collapsed buildings due to the earthquake, where coffin-carrying vehicles of the local administration have been plying throughout the day. In a few minutes, dozens of bodies are going to be buried at this place.

However, due to the lack of identity of the deceased, the relatives are having to struggle to find the names and numbers on the graves.

Due to the lack of identification, the administration has replaced the graves with wooden poles, which have the pictures and numbers of the dead written on them, while machines have been put to work 24 hours a day to dig more graves.

On the other hand, temporary tents have also been set up where relatives who are looking for their loved ones are being helped in bathing, shrouding and performing funeral prayers for those who died due to the earthquake.

According to the sources, a further significant increase in the number of graves is expected for which further excavation work is going on.

It should be noted that even seven days after the earthquake, the relief operations are continuing without interruption, while many people are still buried under the debris.


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