Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Korulish Osman’s soldier dies


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Jagdish Jankaya, the soldier of the famous Turkish series Korulish Osman, lost his life along with his wife in the terrible earthquake in Turkey last week.

According to foreign media reports, the death of Jagdish Jankaya and his musician wife Zelan Tigers has been confirmed on Instagram by the production company Bozdagh Film.

The production company shared the picture of the two and wrote expressing regret that actor Jagdus Jankaya along with his wife died buried under the debris of the earthquake in Turkey while at the same time praying for their forgiveness. went

Jagdish Jankaya and his wife Zelan Tigres lived in a 9-storey residential building that was reduced to rubble by the earthquake.

The news of his death was doing the rounds for the past few days, but now his death has been confirmed after their bodies were recovered from the debris.

Jagdus Jankaya played the role of an important soldier of Konya Palace in the famous Afaq Turkish drama series Osman Ghazi, also known as ‘Korolish Osman’, based on Islamic conquests, while his wife was a Turk of Armenian origin, who gained fame by singing songs in different languages. .

It should be noted that the death toll from the February 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 34,000.

According to the foreign news agency, 29 thousand 605 deaths have occurred in Turkey and 4 thousand 500 in Syria.


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