Attempt to poison Chechen military commander by envelope


Chechen commander Apte Alauddinov

An attempt was made to poison Chechnya’s military commander through an envelope, President Ramzan Kadyrov said this morning.

President Ramzan Kadyrov said that Apte Alauddinov “is the commander of the Ahmed Special Forces and the deputy commander of the Second Army Corps”.

He said that Alauddinov will recover, his life is not in danger, he is being treated in a clinic in Moscow.

Alauddinov was given an envelope by his advisor, after opening the envelope he realized from the unpleasant smell that a dangerous chemical had been sent in the envelope.

They immediately washed their hands and poured water into their nostrils, while experts provided immediate medical assistance.

President Kadyrov said samples of the poison had been sent to a laboratory for analysis and an investigation into the assassination plot had begun.

It should be noted that the forces of Chechnya are supporting Russia in the war in Ukraine and their armed forces are participating in the war alongside the Russian army.


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