Majority of the people of Islamabad are supporters of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz


The chief organizer and senior vice president of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz has said that the majority of the people of Islamabad are supporters of PML-N.

The organizational meeting of PML-N was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Maryam Nawaz, in which it was agreed to make the organizational cooperation of the party effective in rural and urban areas.

He said that the organization of Islamabad represents the federal capital, the organizational structure of the party should be made stronger and more active in rural and urban areas.

The PML-N senior vice-president further said that Islamabad’s constituencies have traditionally always been supporters of PML-N, the majority of the people of the capital are supporters of PML-N.

In the meeting, it was decided to increase the representation of women and youth in the organizational structure. Educated, hardworking, ideologically committed youth should be encouraged.

In the meeting of PML-N, the current organizational structure and its performance were reviewed in detail and the party officials and workers presented their suggestions.


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