I wish I had an arranged marriage, it would be a favor to me: Jemima


Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith—file photo

Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of PTI Chairman, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, says that if I had an arranged marriage, it would have been a favor to me.

In an interview to the British media, she has said that while marrying Imran Khan, I was looking for high moral standards.

Jemima says I think if my parents were sensible they would have arranged my marriage.

PTI chairman, ex-wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan also says that she is not against marriage, it is a big investment but with low returns.

It should be noted that 49-year-old Jemima married Imran Khan at the age of 21.

Jemima’s new film ‘What Love Got To Do With It’ has recently released which covers the past in Pakistan.

Inspired by Jemima’s 9-year marriage to Imran Khan, the film also deals with love and arranged marriage.

Sir James Goldsmith had an affair with Lady Annabelle, Jemima’s mother, but Sir James Goldsmith left Annabelle and remarried.

Sir James Goldsmith used to say that marrying a lover creates a new title.


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