Good opportunity to prove with performance is not over yet, Hasan Ali


Hasan Ali – Photo War

Islamabad United fast bowler Hasan Ali says that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a good opportunity for him to perform and prove that he is not finished yet.

Speaking to the media in Karachi, Hasan Ali said that he has been with Islamabad for three years. Quite a good balance is made, good combination is also made in the spin.

He also said that Shadab got a lot of wedding gifts, but if he wins, this will also be his gift.

Hasan Ali said that Shadab proved that he is a good captain. If he gets a chance to lead Pakistan, he will do well there too.

He said that PSL is our brand, we wear it. This time there are matches in four cities, it is hoped that more cities will host them in the future. It is a festival that everyone enjoys.

Hasan Ali said that PSL is an opportunity for me to prove that Hasan Ali is not over yet. I will try to give such a performance that will help the team.

He said that I am working on batting, I will try to play a role wherever I get an opportunity.

He also said that if I do mischief in the ground, no one should have a problem with it. I don’t know any other skill so all focus is on cricket.

Hasan Ali said that I was selected as an emerging player from this league, I got international experience before international by playing PSL. I learned a lot from foreign players in the dressing room.

He said that PSL has given Pakistan enough players, Pakistan Super League is a great opportunity for young players to perform here and gain attention.


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