General (Rtd) Bajwa had close relations with Shahbaz Sharif: Imran Khan


Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, former Prime Minister Imran Khan says that General (R) Bajwa had close relations with Shahbaz Sharif, as a result of these relations, the regime change operation was paved.

In an interview to Voice of America, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that all the policies of the army depend only on the personality of an individual. received regular support.

He says that the corona epidemic was fought in the best way by the joint efforts of the government and the military organization, General (R) Bajwa and our problems arose when they supported some of the biggest criminals of the country, General (R) Bajwa. They wanted us to forgive the corruption of these thieves and work together with them.

Imran Khan said that the government elected by the people should have authority along with responsibility.

He said that the economy of Pakistan has been badly destroyed, at this time Pakistan is going through the worst economic and political crisis in history, the credibility of the Election Commission has been destroyed, it is impossible to conduct transparent elections, local elections of Sindh. It was rejected by all political parties.

The former prime minister said that it is inevitable for Pakistan to have good relations with any government in Afghanistan. I tried my best to maintain good relations with the Ashraf Ghani government. Can support us.

They say that the foreign minister spent all his time on foreign trips but did not visit Afghanistan, we cannot afford another war on terror at this time. Decided to send thousands of refugees to Pakistan, their resettlement was a big challenge for us, but due to the end of the government, this work could not be completed.

Imran Khan further said that the new government came in the meantime, due to whose negligence terrorism has started to rise again. International relations should not be based on personal ego but on national interests. The interest is that we have the best trade relations with America.

He also said that in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we decided to remain neutral, by supporting one side you affect the interests of your people, as the Prime Minister my priority was the 22 crore people of my country. A country like Pakistan with a large population below the poverty line cannot afford to make moral statements.


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