An unidentified object was also shot down in Canada


After the United States, an unidentified object that entered Canada’s airspace was shot down.

According to the news organizations, Canada and the United States, in a joint operation, shot down an object in the Yukon region near the border of Alaska.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in his statement on the social networking website Twitter that American and Canadian aircraft participated in the operation jointly.

He added that the American F-22 aircraft shot down an unidentified object.

In another tweet, the Canadian Prime Minister said that he had discussed with President Joe Biden, Canadian forces will find and evaluate the remains of the unidentified object.

It should be noted that an unidentified object was also dropped in the US state of Alaska yesterday.

Earlier, the United States shot down a Chinese balloon in its airspace, after which the diplomatic tension between the United States and China has increased.


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