1 accused injured in suspicious police encounter in Karachi


—File photo

An accused was injured in a suspicious police encounter in the limits of Zaman Town police station in Karachi.

The Rangers handed over 3 suspects including the injured accused Adib Raza to the police.

Rangers handed over 3 robbers including injured Adib Raza to Zaman Town Police while SHO Zaman Town showed resistance and arrested Adib Raza in injured condition while the remaining 2 accomplices escaped.

Yesterday, 3 bandits Asim Raza, Adeeb Raza and Asad were arrested from Zaman Town by the Rangers along with weapons and looted money and a press release was issued about the arrest of the accused and then the three accused were handed over to the Zaman Town Police. was done

Late at night, Zaman Town Police claimed to have arrested the accused Adib Raza in an injured condition in the encounter, while 2 associates of Adib Raza arrested by the Rangers were reported as fugitives.

SHO Zaman Town Iftikhar Hussain Arain was repeatedly called to take his stand on the fake police encounter, but there was no response from him.


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