Then there is the fear of lockdown, the Indian actress is in danger of facing financial problems

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Indian actress Daljit Kaur again warned of the danger of financial problems in case of lockdown.

It should be noted that in view of the increasing number of corona virus cases in India, there is a fear of re-imposition of lockdown.

In an interview, Daljit Kaur said that after a very difficult time, we were on our way back and resuming our lives.

“I think people have to take this epidemic seriously or else freelancers like us will have to stay home, which is not right,” he said.

Stressing that he could not afford another lockdown, he said that even in the last lockdown, I was sitting at home, it still seems that this is going to happen.

“People like us who are working and supporting their families can no longer afford lockdowns,” he said.


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