BBL, Shadab Khan praying in the ground, the image went viral

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A picture of national cricket team player Shadab Khan praying in the ground while participating in the Australian League Big Bash is circulating on social media.

During the match between Sydney Sixers and Renegade played in BBL yesterday, Shadab Khan offered prayers on the ground.

Shadab Khan’s image is going viral on social media.

It may be recalled that Shadab Khan, who represented the Sydney Sixers in the BBL, is returning home after leaving the league unfinished.

“I am grateful to the Sydney Sixers who gave me the opportunity to play here. It was great to play with you guys. I’m going home now,” he said.

Expressing good wishes for his team, Shadab Khan said, “I hope you guys will play well in the tournament.”

“I want to win the Sydney Sixers Tournament,” he said.


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