Katrina Kaif shared photos of the turmeric ritual

Photo Instagram Katrina Kaif

Indian bar b-doll Katrina Kaif has shared new beautiful photos on social media with her fianc Vicky Koshal.

New photos shared by actress Katrina Kaif are about her turmeric ritual.

Katrina Kaif is seen in these new photos with her fianc Vicky Koshal and other family members having a very happy and turmeric party.

In a photo shared by Katrina Kaif, she is hugging Vicky Koshal.

Sharing new photos, Katrina Kaif also wrote the beautiful caption ‘Thanks, patience, happiness’.

In these new photos of Katrina Kaif, her brother-in-law, actor Sunny Koshal can also be seen enthusiastically celebrating with his sister-in-law.

On the other hand, Vicky Koshal has also shared beautiful photos taken with this ritual with the fans on her Instagram account with the caption ‘Thanks, patience, happiness’.


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