80-year-old crocodile cremated in India

80-year-old crocodile cremated in India

Photo courtesy of the Internet

A crocodile that had lived in a temple pond in the Indian state of Kerala for many years died after which it was cremated like humans.

According to Indian media, the crocodile was ill due to old age, which was found dead in the pond on Sunday, which was also examined by a doctor.

According to the temple administration, despite having fish and turtles in the pond, the crocodile would not eat them, so the temple provided it with food that did not include meat. The crocodile was mostly fed with boiled rice and vegetables.

According to Indian media, the dead crocodile was kept in a freezer and given its last sight to the public, on this occasion, hundreds of people also placed flowers on it.

The temple administration said that the last rites of the crocodile were performed according to the practices of Hindu religion while the doctor said that the dead crocodile was around 80 years old.


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