The most precious gem in Burma which cannot be equaled by anyone


In Burma, a precious transparent red and orange colored mineral element called kautivite or kyanite has been discovered, which is considered to be very rare among the world’s minerals.

About 6,000 minerals (minerals) are recognized by the International Mineralogical Association, and many of them are classified as rare, but none of them can match the rarity of kautevite or kyanite.

Named after Burmese mineralogist and petrologist Dr. Kyawthu, this rare mineral was discovered by a sapphire prospector in the bottom of a stream in the Mogog region of Burma.

Recognized by the International Mineralogical Society in 2015, the only specimen so far weighing one decimal 61 carats (zero decimal three grams) is in the custody of the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.


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