The country is bankrupt, it doesn’t matter much now, former Chairman FBR


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Former Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi says that the country has become bankrupt, it does not matter much now, Russia and Ukraine defaulted, so there will be no disaster, the countries that defaulted developed.

Former Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi while speaking at the Rotary Club said that IMF says do not pay China by taking a loan from us, if we sell all the government land then the loan will be repaid four times.

He said that after every 5 years current account deficit and inflation storm comes, India’s rupee has gone from 49 to 85 while Pakistan’s has gone from 57 to 270.

Former Chairman FBR said that since 1970 there is an import-based economy, all economists are incompetent or hypocrites, the reason is that foreign policy issues are not making money.

He raised the question whether the Muslim League had an economic plan before creating Pakistan. Imran Khan or Shehbaz Sharif will tell what is the future of Pakistan in 5 years.

Shabar Zaidi said that economic policies will be made by sitting on social media? 85% of corruption goes to businessmen, corrupt businessmen made Nawaz Sharif the prime minister in 1992, all of them have properties in Europe and America.

He said that this is my work that now I am asked before taking a dollar, no one can stop the transfer, the money of corruption has been put in flour, dal and commodities.

Shabarzidi said that 3 percent monthly amount is given to farmers, everyone knows where they get the money from in Karachi, cheap commodities are also taken from 3 percent loan with the money of corruption.

He said that 2 billion dollars are spent on Umrah pilgrimage, foreign airlines should be closed, the red light of CPEC is nothing, close it.

He said that the seed of oil should be grown in Pakistan and save 3 billion dollars in electricity.


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