Ali Zaidi accused Zardari of recruiting his employees in the police


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh President Ali Zaidi says that criminals are being recruited in Sindh Police, Zardari’s personal employees have been recruited.

While giving a press conference in Karachi, Ali Zaidi said that political revenge acts are increasing in Sindh.

He said that Zulfikar Brohi left PPP and joined PTI in Hyderabad, Jam Khan Shuro had attacked his office.

Ali Zaidi says that the police arrested him instead of taking action, he is loyal to Zardari and not to the constitution.

The PTI leader further said that here, the bigger the criminal, the bigger the position.

They also say that the IG should take action, there are videos, if the IG cannot do justice, then resign and sit at home.


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