Deepika Padukone, Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy Complaint filed against the makers of Film 83

A complaint of fraud and criminal conspiracy has been lodged against the filmmakers of 83, including Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

According to Indian media reports, a complaint has been lodged in a Mumbai court against the makers of the film related to World Cup 83 under the provisions of fraud and criminal conspiracy.

According to media reports, a financier based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has lodged a complaint against the filmmakers of film 83 on charges of fraud, criminal conspiracy.

Like Sajid Nadiawala, Kabir Khan and 4 others, Deepika Padukone is also one of the filmmakers of ’83, which is why she too has become a part of the controversy and her name is also included in the complaint.

The UAE financier has filed a petition in the Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court against the 1983 film made at the Cricket World Cup event.

The petition demanded that action be taken against the makers of the soon-to-be-released film 83 on charges of conspiracy and fraud.

The FZE has sought action against all the accused under sections 405, 406 of the Penal Code, 415, 418 and 420, ie fraud and 120B of criminal conspiracy.

The petition states that they had invested Rs. 16 crore in the film on the promise of good profits. In this regard, two agreements were reached under which we became shareholders.

The FZE stated in the application that the company with which we had entered into the agreement had deliberately tried to defraud us, waste our funds and cause harm by violating the terms and conditions of the agreements.


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