Rumors of sending volunteers to Turkey, thousands of Afghan citizens reached the airport


There are hundreds of civilians at Kabul International Airport.

Thousands of Afghan citizens reached the Kabul International Airport after hearing the rumor that the Afghan government would send flights to help the earthquake victims.

There was a rumor in Afghanistan that the government was sending relief supplies and volunteers to Turkey for the earthquake victims.

At 8 o’clock on Wednesday night, the main highway leading to the airport was jammed with vehicles and pedestrians.

Taliban security forces dispersed the crowd with aerial fire, Salahuddin, the son of a civil servant, said, with half heading towards Kabul airport.

Salahuddin was also on his way to the airport but got stuck in a traffic jam, he said, as security forces lathi-charged vehicles while pushing passers-by and asking them to turn back.

At 11 pm, Khalid Zadran, the spokesperson of Kabul Police issued a video statement and instructed the citizens not to listen to rumours. He said that the citizens coming to the airport will have to go back.


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