Balochistan: 2 girls drowned in the river and died

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2 girls drowned in the river in Mohsinabad area of ​​Musakhel district of Balochistan.

According to Levies sources, the bodies of the girls were removed from the river and handed over to the heirs.

On the other hand, PDMA has issued an alert to all Deputy Commissioners in Balochistan regarding the new monsoon spell from August 10 to August 13.

According to the alert issued, a flood situation may arise again during the new spell of rains starting from August 10.

Due to the recent monsoon rains in Balochistan, the loss of life and property continues, after the confirmation of 6 more deaths in the province, the death toll has reached 176, while more than 18,000 houses have been damaged.

According to the report issued by PDMA Balochistan, 77 men, 44 women and 55 children are among the dead.

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