Tolerated husband’s violence for 4 years, happy divorce, Komal Rizvi


Pakistan’s famous singer and actress Komal Rizvi spoke openly about divorce in her recent interview.

While giving an interview in a podcast on the video sharing platform YouTube, Komal Rizvi said that her ex-husband was a psychopath who tortured her many times during their 4-year marriage.

Singer Komal Rizvi said in response to a question that in our culture, girls are given golden dreams of marriage from the beginning due to which a girl tries 200% to make her marriage successful in any way.

The singer complained about the society and said that no one tells the girls their limit after which they should raise their voice against the atrocities on them.

He further said that he also did not know this limit and it took 4 years to know this limit. If I had known earlier, I would have divorced and separated in just 6 months, 3.5 years of my life would have been saved. .

Expressing his satisfaction with his decision, he said that I am happy that I got divorced, but the only regret is that it happened late.

According to Komal Rizvi, she got married at the age of 21 and then lived in Dubai for 1 year and Oman for 3 years. During this time, she was hungry and thirsty many times and endured physical violence.


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