The present Parliament is deliberately kept incomplete: Chief Justice of Pakistan


Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial has said during the hearing on Imran Khan’s petition against the NAB amendments in the Supreme Court of Pakistan that the current parliament has been deliberately kept incomplete.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial mentioned the general elections and said in his remarks that the legislation passed by the current Parliament is also becoming controversial.

He said that the solution of all the problems in the country is possible only with the decision of the people. It has been 8 months since the establishment of the current government.

Makhdoom Ali Khan, the lawyer of the federal government, while arguing that Imran Khan has no right to claim on the NAB amendments, said that the court should be careful on Article 184-3. Article 184 III applies in public matters.

Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that the facts of the present case are different, the head of the country’s largest political party has challenged the NAB amendments, there is severe political tension and crisis in the country, PTI has first planned to leave the parliament. Admittedly, Tehreek-e-Insaf has decided to return to the parliament, petitioner Imran Khan is not an ordinary citizen, even after leaving the government, Imran Khan has received great support from the people.

The Chief Justice said that the court also does not want to interfere in the legislation, the court did not take notice on its own, but a petition has come against the NAB amendments, the court has expressed regret for its decision once before, the history of Pakistan. I had only one prime minister who was considered very honest, the government of an honest prime minister was abolished under 58 to B, Article 58 to B was a draconian law.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandyal said that the court declared in 1993 that the government went wrong but now elections should be held, now Imran Khan is not in the assembly and legislation like NAB amendments are becoming controversial, in this case Imran Khan It does not matter whether the claim is right or not.

Lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said that it has never happened that someone came out of the parliament and came to the court after losing a political battle, thus politics has been pushed into the judiciary and the judiciary into politics.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that when a person is in the minority and his rights are affected, where will he go except the court? Let the people decide whatever is necessary.

Lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said that before the elections, clarification is necessary in the law, everyone has the right to contest the elections on more than one seat for the elections in the country. , contesting elections from more than one seat leads to wastage of public money whether won or lost.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had contested the elections from more than one seat, Bhutto won the seat unopposed and the rest of the elections were held as usual.

Lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said that this was a case before 1970. The people paid the heavy price of Bhutto’s unopposed victory in the form of 11 years of Zia. A court cannot save democracy. He wrote an article in an international newspaper 40 years ago. Gone, the court should not rule.

The Chief Justice said that the court does not want to govern, the court has been cautious in the power of self-notice, the political space is difficult for the people, when there is a political crisis, the court has to intervene, the people want a corruption-free government. Want.


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