The beggar woman claimed to be Sajjad Ali’s sister


A beggar woman named Bushra Akhtar claims to be a descendant of classical musician Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib and sister of renowned singer Sajjad Ali, but is forced to beg due to financial constraints.

In a viral YouTube video on social media, a woman named Bushra Akhtar has claimed that she is Sajjad Ali’s sister and wants the singer to contact her.

In the viral video, Bushra Akhtar says that elder Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib and his brother Mian Qadir Bakhsh are her grandfather and Tabla Nawaz Akhtar Hussain Sahib is her father while Sajjad Ali is her brother.

Bushra, who lives in Kusamparsi, says that due to belonging to Mian Qadir Bakhsh’s family, she was not allowed to enter the world of music because the women of our house do not play songs, but now she wishes to sing. They want to earn money to support themselves.

He said that currently she earns money by reciting naats and wails at dargahs, begging and working in people’s houses, but she does not make ends meet except for her 2 children and her husband. They also have to bear the costs of illness.

Bushra Akhtar says that she always prays for her brother Sajjad’s health and happiness as we have one family.

She says that ‘maybe Sajjad Ali wants to meet us but he does not know about our house, I know that he is a very kind person’.


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