Something should be known that change has come, Najam Sethi


Photo: Jang

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi explained the reason for unveiling the trophy of the eighth edition of PSL at Shalimar Bagh.

Talking during the unveiling ceremony of the trophy, Najam Sethi said that the purpose of unveiling the PSL trophy at Shalimar Bagh was that something should be known that change has come.

They said that there are some creative things in transformation, so what better place than Shalimar Garden. It is such a beautiful place that everyone should know that there are big stars in Lahore too, only there are no stars in PSL.

Najam Sethi said that this time our slogan is that all the stars are ours, there can be no better place for it to be launched elsewhere.

Chairman PCB Management Committee said that this trophy is also unique in the sense that it has been made by local people, before which trophies have been made abroad.

He said that inside the PCB it has been designed, there are 9 thousand 907 zircon stones, 24 karat gold plating and its three pillars indicate strength, unity and development of Pakistan, the trophy. But the biggest supernova is the star and this PSL is also full of stars.

He said that we have relaunched PSL in a new way, it was facing some difficulties due to covid for two or three years.

Najam Sethi said that today’s generation does not know about Shalimar Garden. You came to Punjab and if you did not see Lahore then what did you see? Therefore, Shalimar Garden will also shine more with the unveiling of the PSL trophy.

He said that now people will want to see Shalimar Garden once again. At that time we should promote culture with our projects.


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