Punjab, police operation against oil hoarders


Screen grab, file photo

Punjab Police has launched an operation against petrol hoarders, oil worth crores of rupees has been recovered from petrol hoarders in Sheikhupura and Kasur.

According to the police, the petrol mafia had hidden oil tankers in the warehouses in Sheikhupura, Kasur, the police have recovered petrol worth more than Rs 30 crore.

12 lakh liters of petrol has been seized in Sheikhupura at 3 different locations.

According to the DPO, the police have taken action against the petrol hoarders in Sadar Patuki and Phullingar areas.

Police said that 13 lakh liters of oil and diesel have been recovered from two depots and sealed.

Police have also taken more than a dozen oil tankers into custody.

It should be noted that the Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadegh Malik had informed the producers of the shortage of petrol and diesel and said that the licenses of oil storage pumps would be cancelled.


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