Many famous historical places in Turkey and Syria were destroyed by the earthquake


Many famous historical sites in Turkey and Syria destroyed by earthquake, photo international media

Two devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have killed more than 15,000 people so far, while many historical sites in the region were also destroyed which were spared during many wars and natural disasters.

Syria has been at war for the past 12 years, which was also affected by recent earthquakes and during this time, some of the historical places of the country were destroyed, due to which this country is known around the world.

After which experts have expressed the fear that these earthquakes may damage the cultural heritage of the region.

The Turkish government says that more than 5,600 buildings have been destroyed in the recent earthquakes in Turkey alone.

UNESCO warned on Tuesday that recent earthquakes have damaged several world heritage sites identified by the UN agency for cultural, historical, scientific and other types of importance.

Following are some of the famous historical places that were damaged by the recent earthquakes.

1- Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle
Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle is located on top of a mountain in the center of Gaziantep, Turkey.

This famous 2nd century AD fort has been severely damaged by earthquakes, many of its walls and watch towers have collapsed and other parts have also been damaged.

This fort was developed by the Romans which has been the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world till now.

The long and rich history of this citadel is a testament to the ancient roots of the city and to the visitors to this part of Turkey and the countless achievements of conquerors centuries ago.

2- Serwani Mosque, Gaziantep

Serwani Mosque, Gaziantep
Serwani Mosque, Gaziantep

Adjacent to Gaziantep Castle, this 17th-century mosque has also been severely damaged by earthquakes.

According to Turkish media, the eastern wall and dome of the mosque have been partially destroyed.

This oldest mosque in Gaziantep has long been a tourist attraction not only as a religious structure but also as an architectural marvel.

3- Citadel of Aleppo

Citadel of Aleppo
Citadel of Aleppo

Aleppo Citadel is one of the oldest forts in the world which has been destroyed by recent earthquakes.

The Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums of Syria said in a statement that parts of the Ottoman mill inside the Aleppo Citadel have collapsed, while parts of the north-eastern defensive walls of the Citadel have suffered cracks.

Local officials say parts of the dome of the Ayyubid Mosque minaret inside the fort collapsed, while the entrance gates of the fort were also damaged, including the ‘Mamluk tower entrance’.

4- Diyarbakir Fort

Diyarbakir Fort
Diyarbakir Fort

Located in the Diyarbakır province of Turkey, this historic fort and the adjacent Heusel Gardens were declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

On Tuesday, the United Nations agency said that both were severely damaged by the earthquake.

The UNESCO statement said that the agency was saddened to learn of the collapse of several buildings in the fort.

5- Yeni Masjid, Malatya

Yeni Masjid, Malatya
Yeni Masjid, Malatya

A 17th-century mosque in the ancient city of Malatya in Turkey’s eastern Anatolia region has been repeatedly damaged by earthquakes.

This mosque was destroyed in the earthquake of 1894, but then it was rebuilt.

It was damaged again in the earthquake of 1964 and now this mosque has been damaged again in recent earthquakes.

According to Turkish media reports, many historical sites in Turkey have been severely damaged.


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