Karachi: Dozens of illegal water hydrants were broken in Manghopir


Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s Anti-Water Theft Cell personnel broke dozens of water-stealing hydrants during an extraordinary operation on Monday.

According to Tabish Raza Hussain, in-charge of the Anti-Water Theft Cell, on the instructions of Local Government Minister Nasir Hussain Shah and MD Water Board Salahuddin Ahmed, intensive operations have been started against water theft mafia in Karachi.

He said that illegal water hydrants and underground connections taken for water theft are being broken to restore water supply to water deprived areas of Karachi.

According to Tabish Raza, in this regard, vigorous operations were carried out on Wednesday afternoon on Mangho Peer Road, during which illegal water hydrants and underground water tanks established in various marble factories, compounds and houses were broken.

According to In-charge Anti-Water Theft Cell Tabish Raza Hussain, the water thieves had taken 4-inch connections from the 66-inch diameter main supply line passing through Manghu Peer Road, from which millions of gallons of water were stolen daily through tankers and lines. And the factories were sold at high prices.

According to Tabish Raza, similar operations will be conducted in other areas of the city in the next phase.


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