Disclosure of Sheikh Rasheed in a message to Imran Khan from the court


Sheikh Rasheed—File photo

Arrested leader of Awami Muslim League, former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed has sent a message from the court to chairman PTI, former prime minister Imran Khan, in which he has made a revelation.

Talking to the media after reaching Murree court, Sheikh Rasheed revealed that they are going to form a new party in the name of Patriot, they want me to head the Patriot Party.

They say that I can spend my whole life in jail but I cannot commit infidelity.

Sheikh Rasheed has said that he wants to send a message to Khan Sahib that he is not going to conduct the provincial elections.

He further said that these national and provincial elections will be held together, I will contest the election from NA-62 in the by-election.

The arrested leader of Awami Muslim League also says that there is no case against me, there is a fee behind the case, robbery was done in my house, goods were stolen.


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