Announcement to publish a book on the life of Sridevi


Sridevi, file photo

Leading Indian publisher Westland Books has announced to publish a book on the life of late Indian actress Sridevi.

According to Indian media reports, a book on the life of actress Sridevi titled ‘Sridevi: The Life of a Legend’ will be published soon.

This book will have a brief picture of all the services of the actress that she has done for Hindi cinema.

Sridevi’s husband, filmmaker Boney Kapoor, says of the book that Sridevi was a force of nature.

She said that she was happiest when she shared her art with her fans on screen, but it was also a fact that she did not like bringing her private life to the media at all.

She said about Dheeraj Kumar, the author of the book, that Dheeraj Kumar was someone she considered family.

He said that Dheeraj Kumar is a researcher, writer and columnist, we are happy that he is writing a book that befits the extraordinary life of Sridevi.

Referring to the book, Dheeraj Kumar said, “I am happy that Westland Books will publish my first book.

All this was possible only because of the efforts of my literary agent, Anish Chandy, he said.

“I am grateful to Boney Kapoor and his family, Latha, Sanjay Ramaswamy, Suryakala, Maheshwari, Karthik, Reena and Sandeep Marwa for their permission and support to write this book,” he added.

The publishers believe that the book is a ‘360-degree portrait of Sridevi’.

“What drew us to this book was the wealth of research behind it,” says Westland Books Executive Editor Sanghamitra Biswas.

He said that Dheeraj Kumar’s friendship with Sridevi and her family enabled him to offer a unique insight into the inner world of an actress who was not at all fond of bringing her private life to the media. This book will give readers an opportunity to meet a legend.


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