45 Saudi citizens were evacuated from the earthquake affected area


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45 Saudi nationals have been evacuated from the earthquake affected area of ​​Turkey.

The spokesperson of the Saudi Embassy says that the search for a missing Saudi woman is ongoing.

The Saudi Embassy in its ongoing statement says that 45 Saudi citizens have been accommodated in the hotel.

It is clear that the number of people who died in the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has increased to more than 15 thousand. According to the authorities, 12 thousand 391 people have died in Turkey and 2 thousand 992 people have lost their lives in Syria.

After the earthquake, the struggle to save the lives of the people buried in the debris continues, rescue teams from 60 countries are participating.

Severe cold weather has hampered relief efforts, 53 thousand people have been injured in Turkey alone, while 6,500 buildings have been destroyed.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan visited the earthquake-affected areas, met with the victims and vowed that no one would be left homeless, and immediate financial assistance would be provided to the affected families.


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