Japan’s big decision to stop the spread of Corona

Japan has decided to tighten sanctions on US military bases to prevent the spread of Corona.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kashida says the spread of corona in US military bases has led to an increase in corona cases in local communities.

He said the United States had agreed to ban unnecessary travel from US military bases to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

In the Australian state of New South Wales, on the other hand, the highest number of 16 deaths has been reported from Corona so far.

More than 30,000 corona cases were reported in New South Wales yesterday, while 165 new corona cases were reported in China yesterday, including 92 cases of local relocation.

In the Chinese city of Tianjin, after the omi kron cases were reported, corona testing of the entire population was started and people were instructed not to leave the city unnecessarily.


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