Poet and writer Dr. Akhtar Shamar passed away

Dr. Akhtar Shamar—File photo

Renowned poet and writer Dr. Akhtar Shamar passed away after illness.

Dr. Akhtar Shamar will be laid to rest in his native village Sohal in Rawalpindi district.

Dr. Akhtar Shamar was associated with various newspapers and magazines.

It should be noted that Dr. Akhtar Shamar was originally from village Sohal near Chakri district of Rawalpindi.

His father settled in Multan a long time ago, Akhtar Shamar’s poetry also started from Multan.

Dr. Akhtar Shamar started his teaching journey from Government College Kasur, later reached FC College through Government College Lahore.

He did his BA in Multan, MA in Urdu Islamia University, Bahawalpur.

Apart from working in various newspapers and magazines, he published his own journal called ‘Bajang Amad’.

Dr. Sahib obtained his PhD degree by writing a thesis titled ‘Haider Dehlavi: History and Antiquities’.

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