Army has no grudge with PTI, Pervez Khattak

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Pervaiz Khattak says that the army has no grudge with PTI, I myself am still in touch with the army.

While talking to the media in Nowshera, Pervaiz Khattak said that the situation was such that everyone thought that Imran Khan was finished, the coalition government was stuck, he could not leave the government or run it.

Pervaiz Khattak said that only the people can remove Imran Khan from politics, the coalition government should dissolve the assemblies of Sindh and Balochistan for early elections, if this happens, then PTI is also ready to dissolve the assemblies of both provinces.

The PTI leader said that there is nothing in the prohibited funding case, everything is a drama.

Pervaiz Khattak said that Nawaz Sharif should come back, he should go to jail or get bail, Nawaz Sharif should come back and face Imran Khan one to one.

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