The reason for the shortage of petrol in Punjab has come to light


Petroleum industry sources say that apart from the five major oil companies, small oil companies are hoarding petrol.

These small companies have pumps in Punjab. Hence the impact of petrol shortage in Punjab is high.

It should be remembered that the government’s assurance and the threat of Petroleum Minister Mossadegh Malik went in vain. Petrol and diesel hoarders have seized many more cities in Punjab.

After Sargodha, Bahawalnagar, Kamalia, Narowal, Shakargarh, Gojra and Mandi Bahauddin, Lahore also suffered from petrol shortage.

Many petrol pumps were closed while rationing of Rs 400 to motorcyclists and Rs 4,000 to car owners was started at the open petrol pumps.

Pump owners say that petrol is not being supplied, so they are selling less.

Petroleum Minister Mossadegh Malik has assured that petrol and diesel prices will not change before February 15. Licenses of those who do not sell petrol or who sell it at a high price will be cancelled.


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