The earthquake in Turkey made even the smiling chef cry


The doomsday earthquake in Syria and the adjacent region, including Turkey, has brought tears to every eye, even the famous chef Barak Uzdemir, known as the Smiling Chef, could not stop himself from expressing his grief.

Chef Barak Azdemir from Turkey, known as Smiling Chef, who had a smile on his lips every moment, the horrific scenes of this earthquake forced him to cry too.

On various social media platforms, Chef Barak Azdemir issued a message appealing to users for help, to do what they can, thousands of people are still buried under the rubble who are swinging between life and death.

He further said that many victims are contacting us but we cannot do anything but tell the world about their plight, please do whatever you can.

Barak Azdemir appealed to his loved ones for help and announced the sending of aid to the Turkish province of Hatay, saying, “We are sending aid to the victims of Hatay, as much as possible.” Help us, we are accepting help from everyone regardless’.

When the aid was announced by the famous chef, dozens of people responded positively and provided relief materials in a short time. Trucks have been dispatched, now they are delivering relief goods to other provinces one after another.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this week, a terrible earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in many cities of Syria, including Turkey, on Monday morning, which destroyed the lives of thousands of people.

So far, the number of people killed in this earthquake has reached 8000.


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