Submission of nomination papers on Sheikh Rashid’s nephew’s bat sign


—File photo

Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s nephew Sheikh Rashid Shafiq has submitted his nomination papers from NA-60 for the by-election.

Speaking to the media outside the office of District Election Commission of Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid Shafiq said that the nomination papers have been submitted from NA-60 on bat mark.

Sheikh Rashid Shafiq says that the Murree Police applied to Islamabad duty judge to arrest Sheikh Rashid, the police are taking him from Adiala Jail to Murree.

He said that the Murree police had interrogated Sheikh Rasheed in Adiala Jail two days ago, the things recovered in the Murree case are our things, the last meeting of the election campaign will be held at Liaquat Bagh.

Sheikh Rashid Shafiq, nephew of Sheikh Rashid, says that Sheikh Rashid’s bail application was rejected in the civil court, arguing that he would flee the country.

He also says that Sindh and Murree police have interrogated Sheikh Rasheed in jail.


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