Significant progress in resumption of PIA flights to UK


There has been significant progress in the restoration of PIA flights to the UK, the British Civil Aviation Authority team has reached Pakistan.

British CAA team headed by Head of Safety Captain Malcolm Rusby arrived in Karachi, British Civil Aviation Authority started the audit of Pakistan’s CAA.

British CAA team to audit Pakistan CAA till February 18, British safety team has started audit from Licensing Directorate of Pakistan CAA.

The British safety team will conduct a full audit of the Civil Aviation Authority, the UK safety team will conduct an audit of the CAA’s flight standards, safety management systems, airworthiness.

Sources say that after the audit of CAA, the British safety team will also audit PIA, after success in the audit, direct flights of PIA to the UK will be restored.

PIA flights to UK and Europe are banned from July 2020.


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