Sheikh Rasheed handed over to Murree police on one-day remand


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Islamabad police handed over Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed to Murree police on one-day remand.

The case related to the transit remand of Sheikh Rasheed was heard in Islamabad court.

Prosecutor Adnan while giving arguments regarding Sheikh Rasheed’s transit remand said that Sheikh Rasheed is on judicial remand, he has to be produced in Murree court.

Sheikh Rasheed’s lawyer Ali Bukhari said that the relevant court has already heard the decision on the corridor remand of Sheikh Rasheed.

The judge inquired from the Murree police whether the remand had been requested earlier.

Investigating officer Thana Murree said that he is doing it for the first time, he has not done it before.

Lawyer Ali Bukhari said that Sheikh Rashid is currently in custody, transit remand and travel remand are two different things, Murree Police’s request for transit remand was rejected earlier, Sheikh Rashid is not running away, he is in custody.

He said that the Judicial Magistrate had recently rejected Sheikh Rasheed’s plea for remand.

Investigating officer Murree said that the corridor remand was rejected as the first procedure was not completed.

Lawyer Ali Bukhari opposed Sheikh Rasheed’s request for remand and said that a case was registered in Murree police’s complaint, in whose complaint he cannot investigate, Sheikh Rasheed’s house was raided, the constitution of human rights. provides.

He said who was threatened by Sheikh Rasheed’s statement of being a minister for 16 times? The concerned judicial magistrate is on leave, the Murree police could have asked for remand yesterday, was the Home Secretary Lahore, DC Rawalpindi or the concerned administration informed about the arrest? Everything has been recovered from Sheikh Rashid’s house, then why is Rahdari remanded?

Sheikh Rasheed’s lawyer said that Sheikh Rasheed’s weapon was taken, which had a license, if the request for corridor remand was rejected, it cannot be found again.

The judge inquired whether the corridor remand is a copy of the decision to reject?

Murree Police said that no decision was issued, there was a verbal communication.

Sheikh Rasheed said that I have appeared in the case registered in Murree police station, I have been investigated in jail in the case registered in Murree police station.

The judge directed the Murree police to produce Sheikh Rasheed in the court again at 2 pm tomorrow.


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