Shazia Manzoor thanked Vidya Balan


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Shazia Manzoor, the famous singer of Pakistan music industry, thanked Vidya Balan.

While sharing a funny video on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, the Indian actress had performed on Shazia Manzoor’s famous song ‘Batian Bajhai Rakh Di’.

After which singer Shazia Manzoor thanked Vidya Balan for choosing ‘Batiyaan Bajhai Rakh Di’ for the video and said that I am also a big fan of yours and I had sung the chosen song 20 years ago. I am humbled to be chosen by him.

Shazia Manzoor thanked Vidya Balan

It should be noted that ever since the famous Norwegian dance group ‘Quick Style’ challenged other dancers to dance to the famous Pakistani song ‘Batiyan Bajhai Rakh Di’, this song has been in the limelight in Bollywood ever since.


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