Shah Rukh Khan was praised in the Indian Parliament


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Bollywood movie ‘Pathan’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s praises continue, which has now been mentioned in the Indian Parliament.

According to Indian media, Derek O’Brien, a member of the Trinamool Congress Party in the Rajya Sabha, praised the movie ‘Pathan’ and Shahrukh Khan in his speech.

According to Indian media, Derek O’Brien also declared the makers of the film and Shahrukh Khan as global ambassadors.

He praised the film’s director in the Rajya Sabha, saying, “Well done to those who made ‘Pathan’, which Shah Rukh Khan, Dimple Kapadia and John Abraham did for India, which we couldn’t do.”

“We learned from him not to screw things up with world ambassadors,” said Derek O’Brien.

Trinamool Congress Party member Derek O’Brien also criticized the ruling BJP on several issues.


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