Passenger plane catches fire during flight, 4 people injured


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As soon as the flight of the United Airlines of the United States took off, there was a fire in it, due to which 4 people were injured.

According to foreign media reports, the battery pack of the passenger’s laptop on the plane caught fire as soon as it took off from the San Diego International Airport in the state of California.

As soon as the incident took place, the plane returned to the same airport and landed again.

According to media reports, a crew member, a passenger with a laptop and two other passengers were injured in the plane, who were immediately shifted to the hospital after the plane returned.

Speaking to the media, a passenger said that as soon as the plane took off, a few minutes later, smoke suddenly started rising from the bag of a passenger in the first class.

He further said that ‘while saving himself, the passenger threw the battery charger pack away from him which suddenly burst and started a fire.

Another passenger said that the flight attendant took fire extinguishers and brought the fire under control.


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