Mexico: Zoo director slaughters four high-breed goats for feast


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A zoo director in Mexico butchered four high-breed goats for a staff party on New Year’s Eve.

A former zoo director in the Mexican city of Chilpancingo has been officially charged with several wrongdoings during his tenure, including cooking four prized high-breed American bread goats at a staff party, the report said. It should be noted that there were a total of ten such goats in the zoo.

For this reason, perhaps this zoo director named Jose Ruben Nava Noriega can be made a candidate for the title of worst zoo officer in the world.

He is accused not only of slaughtering valuable goats, but also of illegally selling zoo animals, failing to keep accurate records of the number and deaths of birds in the zoo.

Apart from this, many animals of the zoo were found injured by the farmers of the surrounding areas who reported it. The zoo also suffered the loss of several animals because of this officer.


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