If any song has reached the fame of ‘Aadat’ it is ‘Kahani Suno’, Gohar Mumtaz


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Gohar Mumtaz, a singer and actor associated with the Pakistan music industry, has admitted that if any song has reached the fame of Jalband’s famous song ‘Aadat’, it is Kafi Khalil’s ‘Kahaani Suno’.

Sharing the story on photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Gauhar Mumtaz said, “I have to admit that if any song has reached the popularity of ‘Aadat’ in the last 20 years, it is only ‘Khaani Suno’.”

He further said that ‘Kaifi Khalil has sung the story straight from the heart with simple lyrics and very simple lyrics’.

If any song has reached the fame of 'Aadat' it is 'Kahani Suno', Gohar Mumtaz

According to Gohar Mumtaz, he himself likes this song of Kefi very much. Kefi Khalil has chosen the best poetry and tunes for this song.

Kafi Khalil thanked Gohar Mumtaz for being appreciated in this way by re-sharing Gohar’s Instagram story.

It should be noted that Kiffi wrote and sang ‘Kahani Suno’ himself while he released the song only 8 months ago on his YouTube channel, which has received 80 million views so far.

It should be noted that The Jal Band’s famous song ‘Aadat’ was sung by Atif Aslam while the song was composed by Gohar Mumtaz and this was the song that catapulted the band and Atif Aslam to the heights of fame 20 years ago. was


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