Federal Cabinet will donate 1 month salary for earthquake victims, Finance Minister


Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says that Turkey earthquake victims The federal cabinet will donate one month’s salary for the victims of the earthquake, the Prime Minister has established a relief fund.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, the Finance Minister said that the parliamentarians will also donate part of their salary for the relief of the earthquake victims.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that Turkey supported Pakistan in every difficult time. Now after the earthquake disaster, we should help our Turkish brothers and sisters.

He said that a special fund has been established to help the earthquake victims of Turkey, please donate generously for the Turkish brothers and sisters.

It should be noted that in Turkey and Syria Earthquake deaths The total number increased from 11 thousand 200.

A special plane of national airline PIA reached Syria with relief supplies.

The special plane was received by the Syrian authorities and Pakistan’s ambassador to Syria, Shahid Akhtar, at the Damascus airport.

The Pakistani ambassador said that a special plane has arrived with 40 tons of aid for the earthquake victims in Syria, most of the aid consists of tents and blankets.

He said that a second special plane from Pakistan will arrive in Syria on Friday with more aid supplies.

He said that the second batch of relief goods will consist of food and medical supplies.

The ambassador further said that Pakistani people are standing with their Syrian brothers in the hour of trouble.


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